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Universal Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator Kits for Carburetor Engine Metal. $22.44. 3 sold. NEW Fuel Injected Fuel Pressure Regulator with boost reference anodized. $32.30. 2 sold. Valve Injection Pump Svc Kit For ISUZU NPR NPR-HD NQR NRR 5.2L 4HK1. $218.55. 1 sold.

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  • Manual hcho gas module
    Manual hcho gas module

    Air Quality Monitor - Gas Analyzer Indoor/Outdoor CO CO2 Detector HCHO TVOC Detector High Accuracy, Digital Display Specifications: Material: ABS Color: white ...

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  • Micafluid gas leakage detector
    Micafluid gas leakage detector

    The AccuTools® eL-320 Combustible Gas Leak Detector is an easy-to-use portable combustible gas leak detector that pinpoints large and small leaks quickly. It is ideal for locating combustible gas leaks in appliances and heating equipment in commercial, residential, and industrial applications.

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  • avt O3 gas module
    avt O3 gas module

    Easy to Assemble MQ131 Sensing Ozone O3 Gas Detection Sensor Module Convenient. $36.99 $ 36. 99. FREE Shipping

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  • odm ch2o gas detection course
    odm ch2o gas detection course

    Gas detection systems need to be serviced, calibrated and maintain, in a similar manner to your fire systems. Learn more about how IGD can help with your gas detection calibration and service. All our engineers are trained by IGD and can provide proof competency, in the form of certificates and CPD courses.

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  • Touch bosean gas detection unit
    Touch bosean gas detection unit

    Sep 20, 2019Sewer gas is a byproduct of the breakdown of natural human waste. It comprises a mixture of gases, including hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, and more. The hydrogen sulfide in sewer gas …

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  • advantages of HCN gas sensor
    advantages of HCN gas sensor

    A multi gas detector from Grainger ensures safe operations around tanks and pipelines by checking for even minute quantities of escaping gases.

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  • wika micro clip gas detection device
    wika micro clip gas detection device

    BW GasAlertMicroClip XL Offers. Designed for enhanced battery operation and improved functionality in cold weather environments. For simple, cost-effective management of your records, calibration and bump testing, choose BW's MicroDock II automatic test and calibration system and Fleet Manager II software.

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  • Economy smart sensor gas detection tubes
    Economy smart sensor gas detection tubes

    The most efficient way to measure high CO 2 concentrations. The STC31 is a chip-sized gas concentration sensor for high range, accurate CO 2 measurements designed for high-volume production. The sensor is based on a revolutionized thermal conductivity measurement principle, which results in superior repeatability and long-term stability.

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  • bw gas detection tubes
    bw gas detection tubes

    GasAlert MicroClip XT or GasAlert Max XT II Series of BW Gas Detectors GasAlertMax XT II Gas Detector Gastec Detector Tubes Gastec Gas Sampling Pump Kidde- Amerex Fire Extinguishers Kidde- Pro-Line Fire Extinguishers Models 56 - 1056 - 1066 - 1057 - and Series 5081 Transmitters Motorized Sampling Pump MSA Gas Detectors MX6 iBrid Gas Detector ...

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  • NDIR Methylene oxide gas detection course
    NDIR Methylene oxide gas detection course

    Central Supply. Provides information on hazards and methods of exposure prevention regarding ethylene oxide gas. Ethylene oxide (EtO) is produced in large volumes and is primarily used as an intermediate in the production of several industrial chemicals, the most notable of which is ethylene glycol ...

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  • Advantages of EX gas sensor
    Advantages of EX gas sensor

    Apr 01, 2016There are a wide range of gas sensor products available; which type you use depends on the working environment and what types of gas might be present, such as natural gas, carbon monoxide, or airborne organic compounds. Catalyst sensors are often used to detect hydrocarbons but rely on the presence of oxygen to function. How do catalyst sensors ...

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  • Mikrosensorik toxic gas detection device
    Mikrosensorik toxic gas detection device

    Dec 01, 2016Avoid Toxic Gas Exposures. ... Area or individual monitors can detect multiple gases, be wirelessly linked so an alarm is relayed to co-workers or a central command center, and one new model ...

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  • mobile Formicaldehyde gas instrument
    mobile Formicaldehyde gas instrument

    Sep 30, 2019RV, mobile home, and, yes, even site-built homeowners have been complaining about formaldehyde off-gassing causing similar health issues decades before Katrina. All homes have synthetic or composite materials made from petrochemicals which means every …

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  • gis ammonia gas detection
    gis ammonia gas detection

    Sensidyne Ammonia Gas Detection Tubes, 50 - 900 ppm, Tube No. 105SB, 10 Tubes per Box. Buy one box of Sensidyne gas detection tubes at the regular price and we will automatically deduct $10.00 from the price of each additional box of Sensidyne gas detection tubes you purchase. This offer is valid on individual orders which are shipped to a single location within the Continental United States.

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  • High-precision single gas detector
    High-precision single gas detector

    MSA ALTAIR® SINGLE-GAS CO DETECTOR • 24 month service life (or 18 hours of alarm time) • Factory calibrated and warranted for 2 years • First alarm (25 PPM), second alarm (100 PPM) • Waterproof and dustproof (third-party certified IP67) • Wrapped in rubberized armor for superior impact protection • Battery and sensor never need changing • Data logging • Maintenance-free

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  • gasbanor hcho Gas Concentration 160 Detector
    gasbanor hcho Gas Concentration 160 Detector

    Portable Ozone Meter O3 Gas Tester with Quick Sensing Multiple Alarms Ozone Detector Handhold Rechargable Data Record Ozone Concentration Detectors Gas Analyzer 5.0 …

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  • Microsense co2 gas module
    Microsense co2 gas module

    Carbon monoxide is produced by incomplete combustion from cars and trucks, small gasoline power equipment like weed trimmers and chain saws, boat engines, gas and camp stoves, lanterns, burning charcoal and wood, and gas ranges, ovens, or furnaces. Tobacco smoke is a significant source of carbon monoxide in homes with smokers.

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  • develop HCHO gas detection
    develop HCHO gas detection

    Formaldehyde(HCHO) TVOC Professional Air Quality Monitor gas detector Rechargeable Battery PM2.5 TEMP/HUM Measurement. Why use this product: In many cities, they have pollution so need to verify air quality.An ideal multi-function testing tool to monitor the air quality, a safeguard for family health If you worried about the air quality around you or your children.

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  • new Methylene oxide gas module
    new Methylene oxide gas module

    Methanal, Methyl aldehyde, Methylene oxide Nearly colorless gas with a pungent, suffocating odor. [Note: Often used in an aqueous solution (see specific listing for Formalin).]

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  • where can I get single gas kit
    where can I get single gas kit

    Character. Elegance. Choice. Luxury. With each of these virtues, our custom dash kits for your interior make it hard to keep your attention fixed on the road ahead. Try as they might, most eyes can't stop feasting on the deep look of rich burled wood, sweeping walnut grain, precise carbon fiber, or …

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